Leland Cheuk and Paul M. Davis discuss films, TV, books, comedy, culture, technology, and the (alleged) decline of civilization.

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Leland and Paul discuss the potential X-Files revival, Oscar nominations, Leland’s disappointment with Boyhood, and their shared disinterest in historical biopics. They also pitch an Expendables spin-off starring badass aging women stars, make predictions on how Mad Men will end, and chat about what they’ve been reading and playing. (more…)

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300px-BrogrammerBack in our day, coders were either tinkering nebbishes, family members incapable of human connection, or methed-out goths wearing unfortunate facial hair and flowing trenchcoats.

With the popularity of Watch Dogs, Halt and Catch Fire, Silicon Valley, and their ilk, Leland and Paul discuss the rise of the coder as a hip cultural figure — rebel hackers, iconoclastic visionaries, and brogrammer entrepreneurs. How did people staring at a terminal embody the most relevant cultural figures of our time? And do pop culture portrayals of rebel hackers bear any resemblance to reality?