Leland Cheuk and Paul M. Davis discuss films, TV, books, comedy, culture, technology, and the (alleged) decline of civilization.

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In this episode, Paul reports back from SXSW — what it’s like to be an attendee who lives in Austin, how SXSW differs from other tech conferences, and how it serves as a microcosm of the cultural and economic bubble the tech industry exists within. Also discussed: ageism, sexism, and classism in the tech industry; bubble economies; the disappointments of NASA; the decisiveness of Putin; and the tenacity of Micro Center. (more…)

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In the inaugural episode of EGAD!, Leland and Paul chat about Spike Jonze’s HER: the film, how its vision of artificial intelligence compares to other fictional, real, and hypothetical AI’s, foul-mouthed chatbots, and they imagine if George Saunders or Rod Serling had punched up the film’s script. SPOILERS if you haven’t seen the movie yet. Also, swears. (more…)