Leland Cheuk and Paul M. Davis discuss films, TV, books, comedy, culture, technology, and the (alleged) decline of civilization.

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After a much-too-long hiatus, Egad! returns wth a new episode. In it, we discuss the grim dystopia we’ve found ourselves in, the indie publishing business, improv classes and whether comedy has a place in the Trump regime, and what we’ve been watching and reading, including The OA, The Good Place, Westworld, and Laurie Penny’s Everything Belongs to the Future.

Music Played

“Tinder Dad Rock Sextravaganza” by Paul M. Davis
Lotus” by SPCZ

Topics Discussed

The OA
The Good Place
Laurie Penny’s Everything Belongs to theĀ Future
Junji Ito’s Uzumaki
Leland Cheuk’s The Misadventures of Sulliver Pong
Leland Cheuk’s Letters From Dinosaurs
7.13 Books
Megaten Marathon