Leland Cheuk and Paul M. Davis discuss films, TV, books, comedy, culture, technology, and the (alleged) decline of civilization.

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egad_catIn this impromptu, off-the-cuff, and lightly edited holiday episode of EGAD!, Leland and Paul ostensibly discuss our favorite comfort media that we turn to in times of sickness or year end. Including: Mystery Science Theater 3000, Airplane!, comedy specials and albums new and old (Chris Rock, Maria Bamford, Wyatt Cenac, David Cross, Chelsea Handler, Eddie Murphy’s RAW, etc.), and much more. Featuring holiday classics performed by Twisted Sister and Lita Ford, Skid Row, and Porn Orchard pretending to be Peter Murphy and Tom Waits!

Other topics of seasonal cheer discussed:

  • Las Cruces vs. El Paso vs. Juárez vs. Austin vs. Brooklyn
  • Target vs. Super Target vs. bodegas vs. farmers markets vs. Wal-Mart
  • Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandell
  • Yes Please by Amy Poehler
  • Sleep Donation by Karen Russell
  • Black Mirror holiday special anticipation, starring Paul and America’s TV Boyfriend, Jon Hamm
  • Why Sony’s casually racist execs need a Sony Japan exec to come in and clean up the place, a la the late, furniture-hurling Nintendo executive Hiroshi Yamauchi
  • The inevitable saturation point of comic book movies
  • The various reasons why David Lynch and Chris Rock have a hard time funding their movies
  • Why your favorite band is probably broke
  • The inanity and appeal of year-end lists
  • Leland’s journalism school TV show pitch
  • The outrage pyramid scheme that is the business model of BuzzWorthy and similar sites, and the importance of The Clickhole
  • Video game follow-up, including Destiny and Valkyria Chronicles
  • The mad dash for Nintendo’s Amiibo figurines and Paul’s half-assed attempt at a get-rich scheme
  • Exploited Mexican and third-world labor
  • The brilliance of Jon Ronson, and why his audio docs are what This American Life should be — mainly, funnier, more meandering and philosophical, and featuring more UFO believers and less NPR-type people
  • Paul and Leland’s Larry David-esque class neuroses
  • The over-chattiness of Uber drivers
  • Japanese salarymen in face masks
  • The endless grievances of New Yorkers
  • Paul’s love of Interstellar, despite his ambivalence toward Christopher Nolan movies
  • Why Matthew McConaughey should only play roles like his character in Dazed and Confused
  • Boyhood, and whether Richard Linklater is consistently or intermittently great
  • Why Aaron Sorkin was more tolerable when he was on coke and pulling a Rod Serling with the first few seasons of The West Wing
  • What the Star Wars Holiday Special can teach us about the death of the American Union
  • Malcolm Fucking Tucker
  • “Go Packers!!!” (midwestern comedy vs. coastal comedy sensibilities)
  • Christmas
  • German Industrial Christmas Music
  • And much more!


Special thanks to friend of the show Mykle Hoban for his assistance finding music!